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About Our Law Firm

Alexander L. Domb, P.A., handles numerous probate administrations in Florida every year and provides experienced guidance through the probate process. We handle estates of all sizes and complexities, from simple estates valued at less than $100,000 up to taxable estates valued in the millions. We also have considerable experience handling estates with real estate, business interests and assets.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the most cost-effective legal advice and representation necessary to help them accomplish their goals within the shortest amount of time possible, always working toward swift and economical outcomes.

If you are named as the personal representative in a will for a deceased Florida resident, we can help guide you through the probate and estate administration process. If you are an heir and the person named in the will as the personal representative is deceased, or is unable or unwilling to fulfill their duties as a personal representative, you may be eligible to fulfill this role. If no will exists, Florida law sets forth an order of priority to determine who should serve as personal representative. We will thoroughly explain your options and duties.

For sophisticated, knowledgeable guidance to all matters concerning estate law and probate administration, schedule a consultation with our lawyers. Contact our law office in Wellington. You may also contact us online, and we will respond to your message promptly.